The Leongatha Knights Football Club was initially established in 2004. We are a community based non-for-profit organisation focused on providing an interactive fun, enthusiastic and encouraging journey for soccer players from xx years old to seniors players (men and women).

The Leongatha Knights Football Club is based in Leongatha, a small rural farming community, our home ground is based at the Mary Mackillop Secondary College and we play soccer within the Gippsland Soccer League. We have a wonderful working relationship with Mary Mackillop Secondary College which allows us to maintain excellent facilities.

Leongatha Knights Football Club is run by a dedicated voluntary committee of management who are dependent upon the efforts of the committee and parents alike for fundraising and working bees to facilitate change to benefit the club and ultimately the local community.

Through successful funding applications in 2018 we were able to update our game day playing uniform (alternate game day uniform to be rolled out in 2019) as well as receive funds towards a new pitch and lights. This project is planned to commence in 2019.


  • Mens Korumburra Cup winners 2018
  • Womens Korumburra Cup winners 2018
  • Under 14’s Korumburra Cup Winners 2017
  • Womens Korumburra Cup Winners 2017
  • Womens Korumburra Cup winners 2016
  • Under 16 Korumburra cup winners 2015
  • Womens South division League champions 2015


Don Morris Award for Outstanding Member Service

  • 2008 Ricky Marvin
  • 2009 Kim Kirkus
  • 2010 Mark & Leanne Vanleishout
  • 2011 Hamish McQuarrie
  • 2012 Micheal Oliver
  • 2013 Fiona Van Puyenbroek
  • 2014 James “Hagrid” & Sam Wearne
  • 2015 Wade Bashaw
  • 2016 Mandy Bongers
  • 2017 Beth Milkins
  • 2018 Chris Gale

Values & Codes of Conduct

The codes of conduct below have been incorporated into FFV Rules of Competition and we strongly encourage all involved within LKFC to read. It is vital that everyone involved in understand their responsibilities to ensure that all participants enjoy the sport.


Leongatha Knights Football Club Committee Contact Details



Vice President




President (Voted Position): the principal leader of the Club, and has overall responsibility for the Club.

Vice President (Voted Position) – assumes the responsibility of the President in his/her absence.

Club Secretary (Voted Position) – the primary organiser of the Club and is responsible for effective administration.

Treasurer (Voted Position) – responsible for implementing and maintaining the Club’s financial operations and planning systems.

GSL Member (Voted Position) – is the primary representative for the Club for external meetings.

General Committee:-
Communications & Marketing Co-ordinator is responsible for updating and coordinating clubs media.

Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for club fundraises and gaining sponsors for the club.

Canteen Coordinator is responsible for coordinating clubs canteen.

Events Coordinator is responsible for coordinating club events.

Club Safety Officer is responsible for the health and safety of members and visitors.

Registrar/Welcoming Officer is responsible for the prompt processing of all registrations (with the assistance of the Club Secretary) and for the timely maintenance of the club database.

Uniform and Merchandise Officer is responsible for the prompt processing of all uniforms and merchandise.

Grounds Committee are responsible for maintaining the clubs grounds.

Equipment Coordinator is responsible for coordinating club equipment.

Contact: lknightscommittee@gmail.com - PO Box 79, Leongatha, Vic 3953. Clubrooms: Mary Mackillop Regional College Grounds.